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Consumer Feedback

“[START] turned me around for the better, for the long haul; it wasn’t just temporary, it was life-changing, for the rest of my life.”

– START Mother

“They [START] weren’t discriminating against us…They were trying to keep us together. I knew that for once I needed to finish what I started”.

–  START Father

“START is one of the best collaborative efforts I have ever been involved in during my 35 years in the addiction treatment field. We have Child Protective Services, hospital social work departments, many different addiction treatment programs with different approaches all working together for the purpose of keeping families together and children safe in an alcohol and drug free home.”

– START Treatment Provider

“At first I was very skeptical of START. Now I wish that all [child welfare involved] families would have START.  I get no personal enjoyment in being punitive.”

– Family Court Judge

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