Sobriety Treatment and Recovery Teams (START)

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The Sobriety Treatment and Recovery Teams (START) Model is a child welfare based intervention that has been shown, when implemented with fidelity, to improve outcomes for both parents and children affected by child maltreatment and parental substance use disorders.  START is listed on the California Evidence Based Clearinghouse as a model with promising research evidence.  

The START model is specifically designed to transform the system-of-care within and between child welfare agencies and substance use disorder (SUD) treatment providers; it also engages the judicial system and other family serving agencies. The broad goals of START are to keep children safely with their parents whenever possible and to promote parental recovery and capacity to care for their children.  

The START model aims to mitigate systems issues that result in barriers to families being able to access services in a timely manner. It requires an approach to service delivery that involves cross-system collaboration and flexibility to meet the unique needs of this population. The practices of the START Model align with collaborative strategies considered to be effective for families affected by parental substance use disorders and child maltreatment.

Children and Family Futures (CFF) is the national home for the training and technical assistance program of the START Model. For more information about START or to contact Tina Willauer, purveyor, please email

Goals and Outcomes of START

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