Children and Family Futures staff offers training and technical assistance to help systems work together to make a shift in focus from the individual to the entire family. Through various initiatives, we work with tribes, states, counties, courts, and community-based agencies to integrate and sustain evidence-based parenting and children’s interventions into their larger systems of care to provide a comprehensive, family-centered approach.

Many families involved with the child welfare and family court systems are are affected by parental substance use disorders. The needs of these families are complex as they deal with a host of significant challenges (i.e., poverty, trauma, mental illness, etc.). Research and practice experience have demonstrated that a multi-generational, comprehensive, family-centered treatment approach contributes to positive outcomes. Family-centered treatment should address the full range of clinical treatment and support needs of both parents and children – individually and as a family unit. Effective family-centered treatment requires cross-systems coordination, collaboration and service integration; a multidisciplinary team of qualified professionals; and, the leveraging of all available partner and community resources.

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of children in the child welfare system stay home or go home – family-centered treatment is thus crucial for family well-being
of children live with one or more parent who is dependent on alcohol or needs treatment for illicit drug use


Through federally- and foundation-funded projects, Children and Family Futures and its small business subsidiary, Center for Children and Family Futures, produces publications, reports, Technical Assistance tools and web-based learning for the field. The following are featured resources from our work. For more resources or information related to a specific topic, please visit our resources page or click the “Request Assistance” button below or at the top of the page.

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