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Sacramento County Family Treatment Drug Courts Evaluation

Prepared for: County of Sacramento Department of Health & Human Services

Dependency Drug Court (DDC) and Early Intervention Family Drug Court (EIFDC)

Sacramento County has implemented collaborative family drug courts since 2001. The Sacramento County Family Treatment Drug Courts (SCFTDC) include a mandatory Dependency Drug Court (DDC) and a voluntary Early Intervention Family Drug Court (EIFDC). Sacramento County also provides a Children in Focus (CIF) enhancement program to families in DDC or EIFDC who have become stable in their recovery.

The County of Sacramento contracted with CFF to evaluate all three of its FDC programs. The evaluation plan includes process evaluation activities designed to assess the program efficacy of DDC and EIFDC and an outcome evaluation to investigate the effects of participation in the three FDC programs on child well-being, permanency and safety, and on parental involvement and engagement in treatment.

A unique feature of this evaluation is the wealth of information collected through our long-standing relationship with Sacramento. This allows us to examine long-term outcomes of families who have participated in one of Sacramento’s FDC programs.



ROOM for Dads Program

In October, 2015 Sacramento was awarded a grant to provide increased access to enhanced outpatient treatment (including evening services) and trauma-based services for fathers in Sacramento’s larger FDC programs (DDC, EIFDC, and CIF).

ROOM for Dads is a six month intensive outpatient treatment program offered in the evening. The project proposes to enhance gaps in treatment services to better meet the needs of fathers/males participating in the Sacramento County FDCs. The overall goals of ROOM for Dads are to improve engagement and retention in Sacramento’s FDCs, increase reunification rates, reduce re-entry into OOHC, reduce recurrence of child maltreatment, and improve family functioning.

CFF was included in the proposed grant to SAMHSA as the evaluator of the ROOM for Dads program. The evaluation includes a process evaluation component which measures the context of the program and the effect of changes in experience, staffing and budget on the program. The evaluation also includes an outcome evaluation to determine the effectiveness and impact of ROOM for Dads on family well-being.

A unique feature of this evaluation is that it is an evaluation of a sub-set of families included in the evaluation of Sacramento’s Overall FDC Programming.