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The Prevention and Family Recovery Initiative

Funded By:  The Doris Duke Charitable Foundation and the Duke Endowment

Prevention and Family Recovery (PFR), funded by the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation and The Duke Endowment, strives to advance the capacity of family treatment courts (FTCs) and their partner agencies to provide and sustain a comprehensive family-centered approach for children, parents and families affected by parental substance use disorders and child abuse and neglect.  PFR helps established FTCs integrate and institutionalize evidence-based parenting services and developmental and therapeutic services for children into their larger systems of care.

Children and Family Futures (CFF) awarded a first round of four PFR grants in April 2014 and expanded to four new sites in January 2017 (see below). The FTCs receive a grant and intensive technical assistance, training and coaching to help them achieve their goals. Grantees also have access to a National Advisory Council (NAC) that is comprised of a prestigious group of national experts, practitioners and community leaders. PFR draws on the NAC’s collective and individual expertise and knowledge to ensure the initiative’s and the grantees’ success.

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  PFR1 Grantees         PFR2 Grantees


Through federally- and foundation-funded projects, Children and Family Futures and its small business subsidiary, Center for Children and Family Futures, produces publications, reports, Technical Assistance tools and web-based learning for the field. The following are featured resources from our work. For more resources or information related to a specific topic, please visit our resources page or click the “Request Assistance” button below or at the top of the page.

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