Measuring program impacts and outcomes

Children and Family Futures provides training and technical assistance on evaluation methods, data access, collection and analysis, and performance measurement systems to help tribes, states, counties, and community agencies build their capacity to become data driven. Our evaluation- and performance measurement-related assistance has focused on early childhood development (including cognitive and school readiness), child and family services, community development, health issues, educational services, and equitable outcomes for families.

Evaluation and performance monitoring are at the heart of improving programs and systems, and identifying disparities and disproportionality. High-performing programs and agencies use data and feedback to continually assess progress, ensure accountability, and make policy and practice changes to better serve all children and families. Collaborative partners must agree upon a set of performance measures to jointly monitor family outcomes, such as safety, permanency, and well-being for children, and substance use treatment completion and recovery for parents. Establishing a regular review of data via a data dashboard or report card allows agencies to share progress with collaborative partners and identify any needed program and practice modifications to ensure positive outcomes for families.


CFF has disseminated over 2,200 materials related to evaluation and performance measurement since 2016
CFF has responded to nearly 1,100 technical assistance requests about evaluation and performance measurement since 2016


Through federally- and foundation-funded projects, Children and Family Futures and its small business subsidiary, Center for Children and Family Futures, produces publications, reports, Technical Assistance tools and web-based learning for the field. The following are featured resources from our work. For more resources or information related to a specific topic, please visit our resources page or click the “Request Assistance” button below or at the top of the page.