Children and Family Futures provides training and technical assistance to tribes, states, counties, and community agencies as they navigate the complexities of funding family-centered services. We have over 20 years of experience providing information on legislative changes, funding trends, and detailed resources on this topic.

Research shows that relationships play a vital role in parents’ long-term substance use disorder recovery and that comprehensive treatment that addresses the complex needs of families is an essential component to successful treatment completion. No single system can achieve better outcomes for families affected by substance use disorders on its own. Many states, communities, and providers find it difficult to identify and coordinate all available funding for the benefit of families. Effective partnerships across systems and at varying levels between tribes, states, local government agencies, and community service providers have proven to be the most effective way to fund comprehensive family-centered treatment.

billion in total federal spending is devoted to programs that benefit children
of substance use disorder treatment financing in 2015 came from state and local governments
million Americans have health coverage through Medicaid


Through federally- and foundation-funded projects, Children and Family Futures and its small business subsidiary, Center for Children and Family Futures, produces publications, reports, Technical Assistance tools and web-based learning for the field. The following are featured resources from our work. For more resources or information related to a specific topic, please visit our resources page or click the “Request Assistance” button below or at the top of the page.

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