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The Role of Resource Parents in Supporting Family Recovery and Reunification in Family Treatment Courts

The Role of Resource Parents in Supporting  Family Recovery and Reunification in Family Treatment Courts Overview Coming Soon! Live Cafe Conversation Agenda - Role of Resources Parents.pdf Take Action Guide - Role of Resources Parents.pdf Team Discussion Guide - Role of Resources [...]

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START Implementation Manual Chapter 1

Chapter 1 of the START Implementation Manual outlines the essential components of the START model and is available for download here.  The full manual is available as a part of consultation to provide guidance on implementation. Right-click a file name to download: START Implementation Manual Chapter 1 (.pdf) [...]

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START Video Highlight

START was highlighted in a Kentucky Educational Television production entitled Safe and Sound. Safe and Sound presents programs and strategies for supporting the emotional health of children across a continuum of needs, as we're shown real-life parenting challenges of Kentucky families with young children. One of the most difficult challenges a [...]

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START Evaluation and Publication List

A comprehensive list of peer-reviewed journal articles about the START model and outcomes from 2012-present. Right-click a file name to download: START Evaluation and Publication List (.pdf)

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Tina Willauer Testimony

Tina Willauer, purveyor of START, testified before the US House of Representatives, Committee on Ways and Means, Human Resources Subcommittee Hearing on the Heroin Epidemic and Parental Substance Abuse (Pt. 1) on  May 18, 2016 Image credit: Martin Falbisoner [CC BY-SA 3.0 (]

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FDC Discipline Specific Materials

Discipline specific resources and materials for general audience, judges, attorney's, child welfare, substance use disorder treatment, and court coordinators. Right click and select Save As to download the file: Discipline Specific Orientation - Coordinator_rev2018 Discipline Specific Orientation Materials-General Discipline Specific Resources- AOD Treatment_rev2018 Discipline Specific Resources- Attorney_rev2018 Discipline Specific Resources- Child [...]

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Children and Families Program

We proudly present the Children and Families Program (CFP) which highlights sessions created to cut across all types of drug courts. This program outlines sessions that bring a family-focus to treatment and recovery throughout the largest annual training event for drug court professionals at the 2018 NADCP Annual Training Conference featuring [...]

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