Family Treatment Court Practice Academy

2022 Series

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2022 Series Guide

  • Attendees watch a short video containing background information and basic tenets of the topic.
  • Attendees can access an Exploration tool to assist individuals and teams as they discuss what they’ve learned about the topic, assess strengths and challenges, and shift new ideas into action and practice.
  • CCFF will facilitate a Live Conversation featuring fellow practitioners and subject matter experts sharing experiences and answering questions. Attendees may meet with panelists in breakout rooms for smaller group discussions.
  • Attendees will receive guidance to design their own Action Plans as they create key next steps.
  • Additional resources are available on the webpage.
  • FDC TTA is accessible 24/7! Email us at for support and additional resources as you consider these changes and develop your plan.

For more information, please download our 2022 FTC Practice Academy Flyer.

FTC Practice Academy Background

The 2022 FTC Practice Academy Series helps professionals from FTCs, child welfare, substance use disorder (SUD) treatment, dependency court, and other partners advance their collaborative capacity. The FDC TTA team encourages professionals to go further by sharing innovations, trying new strategies, and committing to action.

This series takes webinars a step further. Each of the three standalone courses provides teams with resources and information to transform learning into strong policy and practice — and then turn that policy and practice into improved outcomes for families. FTC teams may certainly participate together in all components of each course but will benefit from any single piece as well. Individual practitioners can also take part; the FDC TTA team will provide resources to support their exploration. The FDC TTA team will share all components for each course on the Practice Academy webpage.