Family Drug Courts

Round 1 Prevention and Family Recovery Briefs and Case Studies

In 2017 CFF produced five briefs that highlight cross-cutting PFR lessons form the round 1 grantees that the field can use to replicate effective FTC practices. A companion set of case studies tells a more in-depth story of each grantee’s PFR journey. Children and Family Futures produced a series of Prevention and Family [...]

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Round 2 Prevention and Family Recovery Knowledge Application Series

CFF produced the Putting Ideas Into Action: Knowledge Application Series in 2021. The series highlights the Round 2 grantees’ progress and challenges in implementing a family-centered approach. The series also provides strategies for FTC teams and stakeholders to design, implement, sustain, and evaluate systems change initiatives that advance a family-centered approach. The Knowledge Application Series includes a [...]

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Family Treatment Court Planning Guide (2018)

The Family Treatment Court (FTC) Planning Guide published by he National Drug Court Institute and the Center for Children and Family Futures (2018) is designed to provide step-by-step instructions for a team planning to start and implement an FTC in their community. No matter what your role in the system is, and no [...]

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FDC National Strategic Plan

The National Strategic Plan for Family Drug Courts outlines a coordinated national strategy to enhance and expand the use of FDCs to reach more children and families. Download

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Data and Information Systems: The Fuel that Drives the FDC Bus

Date: July 14, 2016 Presenters: Nancy K. Young Data and information is the lifeblood or fuel that sustains the FDC effort.  Without sufficient and focused amounts of it, an FDC may fail to achieve its desired outcomes or prove why it should receive support and continue to exist. This webinar [...]

Knowledge Sharing Community: So Who Are You Really Serving? The Challenge of Serving Special Populations in FDCs

Date: August 14, 2013 Time: 11:00am - 1:00pm (PST) Presenters: Nancy K. Young, PhD, Executive Director, Children and Family Futures Jane Pfeifer, MPA, Senior Program Associate, Children and Family Futures, Lake Forest, California Honorable Barbara Salinitro, Queens County Family Court, New York Connie Almeida, PhD, LSSP, Infant Toddler Court Initiative [...]

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Children Affected by Methamphetamine 2014 Brief

Improving outcomes for families affected by parental substance use disorders and child welfare involvement starts with a cross-systems commitment and coordinated approach to address the multiple and complex needs of parents and children. Through collaborative efforts around the country, evidence is emerging of what families need to succeed in their efforts to reunify with [...]

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