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RPG Infographic

This one-page at-a-glance document is a visual representation of the RPG initiative, providing an overview and snapshot of the program. This infographic can be shared with individuals wanting to learn more about the RPG program to provide an at-a-glance snapshot. Right click and select Save As to download the file: RPG Infographic.pdf [...]

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RPG Program Summary

The RPG Program Summary is a two-page brief synopsis of the background and history of Regional Partnership Grants. It provides an overview of grantee collaborative partnerships, program strategies and available technical assistance. Grantees can use this document to provide an at-a-glance program overview, including findings from 101 RPG grantees. Right click and select Save As to [...]

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Safety Matters- Helping Families Affected by Substance Use Disorders and Domestic Violence from Survivors to Thrivers

Safety Matters- Helping Families Affected by Substance Use Disorders and Domestic Violence from Survivors to Thrivers Overview Coming Soon! Safety Matters - Live Cafe Agenda Safety Matters- Resource Guide Safety Matters- Take Action Guide September 17, 2020  This Café Conversation explores the core principles and offers practical guidance for [...]

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Plans of Safe Care Learning Modules

Developed by the National Center on Substance Abuse and Child Welfare (NCSACW), the modules are a five-part series on Plans of Safe Care (POSC) for infants born with and identified as affected by substance abuse or withdrawal symptoms resulting from prenatal drug exposure, fetal alcohol spectrum disorder (FASD), or their affected family or caregiver. The series is intended [...]

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Leading the Way to Best Practice – FDC Peer Learning Court Program – TED Talks

Thursday, August 13, 2015 | 11-12:00 PM PT (12 PM MT, 1 PM CT, 2 PM ET) Presenters: Tarah Garcia, John Dantzler, Hon. William Owens, Penny Clodfelter, Joni Strange, Jill Murphy Family Drug Courts (FDCs) are a growing response to the problem of families affected by parental substance abuse and child maltreatment. With over 360 FDCs now [...]

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Tip Sheet 1: Supporting Cross-System Collaboration During the Current Public Health Crisis

National Center on Substance Abuse and Child Welfare, 2020 During the public health crisis, collaboration is critical to ensure that families receive the services they need to stay safe and healthy in the short term and to remain strong and able to thrive in the long term; however, community needs and conditions have changed. This tool provides considerations, tips, [...]

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Comprehensive Framework to Improve Outcomes for Families Affected by Substance Use Disorders and Child Welfare Involvement

Children and Family Futures’ Comprehensive Framework offers a set of proven policy and practice strategies for communities to implement to improve outcomes for families affected by substance use disorders and involvement with child welfare services. CFF developed this framework over several decades of experience working with hundreds of collaborative partnerships serving these families, supported through federal-and privately-funded initiatives. The [...]

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Infants with Prenatal Substance Exposure and their Families: Five Points of Family Intervention

This TA tool is for collaborative teams to learn about the Five Points of Family Intervention and identify major points in time in which their agencies can improve outcomes for infants with prenatal substance exposure, pregnant and parenting women with substance use disorders, and their families. The tool provides examples of policy and practice strategies at each of the [...]

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