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Round 1 Prevention and Family Recovery Briefs and Case Studies

In 2017 CFF produced five briefs that highlight cross-cutting PFR lessons form the round 1 grantees that the field can use to replicate effective FTC practices. A companion set of case studies tells a more in-depth story of each grantee’s PFR journey. Children and Family Futures produced a series of Prevention and Family Recovery (PFR) briefs that highlight [...]

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Round 2 Prevention and Family Recovery Knowledge Application Series

CFF produced the Putting Ideas Into Action: Knowledge Application Series in 2021. The series highlights the Round 2 grantees’ progress and challenges in implementing a family-centered approach. The series also provides strategies for FTC teams and stakeholders to design, implement, sustain, and evaluate systems change initiatives that advance a family-centered approach. The Knowledge Application Series includes a brief Overview of the PFR initiative [...]

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Putting the Pieces Together: Disrupting Stigma to Support Meaningful Change for Families in Family Treatment Court

Putting the Pieces Together: Disrupting Stigma to Support Meaningful Change for Families in Family Treatment Court Overview July 8, 2021 | 11 — 12:30 PT | 12 — 1:30 MT | 1 — 2:30 CT | 2 — 3:30 ET This Practice Academy course invites FTC teams and practitioners to step back from their daily interactions with families to consider how their thoughts, beliefs, and language about parenting and SUDs influence how [...]

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Family Centered Approach Modules

To help communities move toward family-centered care, the NCSACW prepared a three-part series of companion modules on implementing a family-centered approach. This series is designed for state, county, and agency-level collaborative partners that are working together to improve systems, services, and outcomes for children and families affected by SUDs. Click here to view this resource on the [...]

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Strategies to Support Parents with Methamphetamine Use Disorder and Their Families

Child welfare staff across the country identify methamphetamine use as a continuing or re-emerging challenge in their communities. This tip sheet provides facts about methamphetamine use and the effectiveness of treatment and offers strategies for child welfare workers and other professionals to improve outcomes for parents who use methamphetamine and their children and families.   Click here to [...]

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Supporting Children Affected by Parental Methamphetamine Use

In many areas of the country, methamphetamine is the predominant substance that is misused, often in conjunction with alcohol, marijuana, and tobacco. Parents who use methamphetamine can impact their child’s development and increase the risk of child neglect or abuse. This tip sheet explores the effects that parental methamphetamine use can have on a child’s health and well-being. [...]

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Exploring Civil Rights Protections for Individuals in Recovery from an Opioid Use Disorder a Five-Part Video and Webinar Series

The National Center on Substance Abuse and Child Welfare (NCSACW), together with the Office for Civil Rights (OCR), created this training series to provide information to child welfare and court professionals about federal disability rights protections that apply to some parents with an opioid or other substance use disorder who are involved with child welfare. Click here [...]

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