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QIC-CCCT Evaluation Webinar: What Does the Data Tell Us So Far?

Date: January 26th, 2021 Speakers: Terri Tobin (AHP), Jen Carpenter (AHP), Lisa Lundquist (AHP) Description:  The QIC-CCCT evaluation seeks to generate knowledge about how and to what extent demonstration sites improved child welfare and treatment outcomes, implemented the CARA amendments to CAPTA and Plans of Safe Care, built and sustained effective collaboration, and developed comprehensive and family [...]

Case Law Review – Prenatal Substance Exposure

This body of case law represents a robust discussion of legal issues surrounding prenatal substance exposure in civil child protection cases across the country. The variation in analysis from different jurisdictions illustrates how this area of child protection law presents many challenges and varied decision-making across courts. The goal of this case law summary is to help the [...]

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START Breaking News! December 2020

Children and Family Futures (CFF) is extremely pleased to announce that on December 17, 2020, the Sobriety Treatment and Recovery Teams (START) program received a “Promising” rating from the Title IV-E Prevention Services Clearinghouse. The Clearinghouse sets the national standards for evidence on program effectiveness under the Family First Prevention Services Act (FFPSA). Receiving this rating will allow [...]

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Sustainability Planning for Regional Partnerships

This Regional Partnership Grant Technical Assistance (TA) Brief presents questions grantees can use to establish steps for development of a successful sustainability plan. The set of questions positions grantees to begin planning, mobilizing community resources developing early partner engagement. Right click and select Save As to download the file: RPG Sustainability.pdf

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Referral and Engagement of Families in Services

This Regional Partnership Grant Technical Assistance Brief presents four key strategies grantees and programs use to ensure that families are referred to and engaged in substance use disorder treatment and other services and supports. Early engagement of families has shown to enable them to successfully complete program services. Key Strategies are: Collaborative Planning and Program Design, Recruitment, [...]

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Child Welfare Timeline for Substance Use Disorder Treatment and Other Partners

 This Regional Partnership Grant Technical Assistance Brief presents three key strategies agencies can use to strengthen collaboration between child welfare and substance use disorder treatment systems for supporting safe and timely reunification of families affected by substance use disorders. These strategies are born from a collective body of knowledge gained from multiple grantees across the country. The strategies [...]

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RPG Program Description

The RPG Program Description is a four-page document providing the background and history of Regional Partnership Grants as well as a detailed description of program strategies, emerging cross-site evaluation findings, lessons of collaboration, and available technical assistance. This document can be used to give stakeholders an at-a-glance understanding of the RPG program, total grantees, and findings of [...]

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RPG Infographic

This one-page at-a-glance document is a visual representation of the RPG initiative, providing an overview and snapshot of the program. This infographic can be shared with individuals wanting to learn more about the RPG program to provide an at-a-glance snapshot. Right click and select Save As to download the file: RPG Infographic.pdf [...]

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