Raising the Bar – What you Need to Know about the Family Treatment Court National Best Practice Standards

Time: 9:15am – 12:15pm


Track: SB-5

Presenter(s): Kathryn Barry, Theresa Lemus, Jane Pfeifer, Terrence Walton, Meghan Wheeler



The Center for Children and Family Futures and the National Association of Drug Court Professionals, with the support of the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention, have partnered in the development of the National Family Treatment Court Best Practice Standards (FTC BPS). The goal was to create model standards to 1) guide the daily operations of FDC, 2) support state decisions regarding resource development and priorities, and 3) improve outcomes for individuals, children, and families affected by substance use and mental health disorders who are involved in the child welfare system. This session will introduce policy leaders and local practitioners to the FTC BPS and provide an opportunity to begin exploring how adoption of FTC BPS will impact FTC practice.

Learning Objectives

  1. Summarize the need for and development of National FTC BPS and how they align with the National FTC Strategic Plan
  2. Explain how states and local jurisdictions can use National FTC BPS to improve FTC practice and inform statewide standards and local policies and procedures
  3. Describe the ways that the National FTC BPS reflect earlier policy and practice guidance for family treatment courts
  4. Identify the 8 FTC Best Practice Standards and the Provisions which describe each of the National FTC BPS
  5. Discuss how the National FTC BPS relate to your FTC’s current practice and explore how each of the Provisions can be operationalized by a local FTC
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