Date:  March 12, 2015
Time:  11:00am – 12:00pm
Presenters:  Alexis Balkey, Children & Family Futures, Russ Bermejo, Children & Family Futures, Suzanne Muir; TASC Program

FDCs are built on a foundation of shared mission and vision, supported by client services and agency collaboration and achieved by shared outcomes. If your FDC is in the early planning stages, you will be challenged with a multitude of critical decisions, including model, target population, service array, partnerships, and outcomes. This presentation will outline these critical decision points and key considerations that your collaborative must explore if you want to build an FDC that reflects the mission and vision and meets the needs of your community. Components of visionary and barrier-busting leadership will be offered that will challenge “default” thinking that is subject to status quo or business as usual. Whether you are in the planning stages or re-thinking practice, policy, or design of your current FDC program, this webinar will help you lead change with strategic vision and intention.

Webinar Learning Objectives:

  • Gain an understanding of what is default thinking and why a design approach is critical for an effective and sustainable FDC program
  • Explore the type of governance structure and visionary leadership that are essential to lead and carry out design
  • ​Learn from the design efforts of an actual FDC program and its impact on how they are serving its target population and community

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Building Your FDC – Final.pdf