Piloting Plans of Safe Care: Examples from Ohio’s QIC-CCCT Counties 2018-2020

This resource features plans of safe care (POSC) pilots from three Ohio counties—all of whom received implementation funding from 2018-2020 through the National Quality Improvement Center for Collaborative Community Court Teams (QIC-CCCT). Children and Family Futures (CFF), which managed the 3-year cooperative agreement from the Children’s Bureau,  provided technical assistance (TA) to [...]

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RPG Program Summary

The RPG Program Summary is a two-page brief synopsis of the background and history of Regional Partnership Grants. It provides an overview of grantee collaborative partnerships, program strategies and available technical assistance. Grantees can use this document to provide an at-a-glance program overview, including findings from 101 RPG grantees. Right click [...]

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Comprehensive Framework to Improve Outcomes for Families Affected by Substance Use Disorders and Child Welfare Involvement

Children and Family Futures’ Comprehensive Framework offers a set of proven policy and practice strategies for communities to implement to improve outcomes for families affected by substance use disorders and involvement with child welfare services. CFF developed this framework over several decades of experience working with hundreds of collaborative partnerships serving these families, supported [...]

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Infants with Prenatal Substance Exposure and their Families: Five Points of Family Intervention

This TA tool is for collaborative teams to learn about the Five Points of Family Intervention and identify major points in time in which their agencies can improve outcomes for infants with prenatal substance exposure, pregnant and parenting women with substance use disorders, and their families. The tool provides examples of policy and practice [...]

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In-Depth Technical Assistance Program Description

This document provides an overview of the National Center on Substance Abuse and Child Welfare’s (NCSACW) In-Depth Technical Assistance (IDTA) program, which has been provided to 26 unique sites since 2003. The brief describes the IDTA program model, including the phases of the IDTA model, the role of the IDTA Change Liaison, IDTA’s foundational [...]

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In-Depth Technical Assistance-Infants with Prenatal Substance Exposure (IDTA-IPSE): Working Together to Address the Needs of Infants with Prenatal Substance Exposure, Their Families, And Caregivers

This brief summarizes the accomplishments, key findings, and conclusions that emerged from three In-Depth Technical Assistance-Infants with Prenatal Substance Exposure sites: Delaware, Minnesota, and New York. Engagement with the state teams between 2016-2018 focused on developing policies and protocols to successfully implement the CAPTA requirements, especially those that pertain to hospital notifications to Child [...]

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Infants with Prenatal Substance Exposure Initiative Final Report 2016-2018

This final report summarizes the work of Delaware, New York, and Minnesota through the In-Depth Technical Assistance-Infants with Prenatal Substance Exposure (IDTA-IPSE) program. It presents findings, challenges, and barriers sites identified as they assessed changes made toward improving the safety, health, permanency, and well-being of infants affected by prenatal substance exposure, primarily opioids. This [...]

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In-Depth Technical Assistance Program Summary

This summary provides an overview of the work of eleven states that have previously received In-Depth Technical Assistance (IDTA) since 2014 or are currently receiving IDTA. The Program Summary highlights state teams’ efforts to identify barriers and challenges in engaging families affected by prenatal substance exposure, and develop state strategies to improve [...]

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FDC National Strategic Plan

The National Strategic Plan for Family Drug Courts outlines a coordinated national strategy to enhance and expand the use of FDCs to reach more children and families. Download

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SSIP Early Lessons

This one-pager highlights key successes and early lessons that have emerged in the first two years of planning. Right-click a file name to download: SSRP Flyer with Lessons Learned.pdf

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