Harnessing the Power of FTCs

This series of three briefs focus on helping collaborative teams fund (Brief 1) and evaluate (Brief 2) FTCs while identifying and meeting the needs of their community (Brief 3). combine existing collaborative practices to present an overview of pertinent strategies for FTC teams. The series is comprised of three interrelated briefs, but each [...]

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FTC Strategy Brief Series: Strong Families

FTC Strategy Brief Series: Strong Families Children and Family Futures, in partnership with Casey Family Programs, developed a series of three briefs on Family Treatment Courts (FTCs). These briefs provide information to child welfare and other key stakeholders about the FTC model and best practices evidence and strategies to improve [...]

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Tribal Family Wellness Plan Learning Modules

Tribal Family Wellness Plan Learning Modules The Quality Improvement Center for Collaborative Community Court Team’s Tribal Family Wellness Plan Learning Modules prepared in collaboration with the Tribal Law and Policy Institute (TLPI), are designed to guide tribally driven collaboratives seeking to reduce the impact of substance [...]

QIC-CCCT Final Program and Evaluation Briefs

From April 2018 to December 2020 Quality Improvement Center for Collaborative Community Court Team (QIC-CCCT) staff and consultants worked intensively with 14 sites to design, implement, and test approaches to support infants, parents, and caregivers affected by prenatal substance exposure. The two briefs highlight the efforts of these collaborative court teams to [...]

Round 1 Prevention and Family Recovery Briefs and Case Studies

In 2017 CFF produced five briefs that highlight cross-cutting PFR lessons form the round 1 grantees that the field can use to replicate effective FTC practices. A companion set of case studies tells a more in-depth story of each grantee’s PFR journey. Children and Family Futures produced a series of Prevention and Family [...]

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Case Law Review – Prenatal Substance Exposure

This body of case law represents a robust discussion of legal issues surrounding prenatal substance exposure in civil child protection cases across the country. The variation in analysis from different jurisdictions illustrates how this area of child protection law presents many challenges and varied decision-making across courts. The goal of this case law [...]

RPG Program Description

The RPG Program Description is a four-page document providing the background and history of Regional Partnership Grants as well as a detailed description of program strategies, emerging cross-site evaluation findings, lessons of collaboration, and available technical assistance. This document can be used to give stakeholders an at-a-glance understanding of the RPG program, [...]

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RPG Infographic

This one-page at-a-glance document is a visual representation of the RPG initiative, providing an overview and snapshot of the program. This infographic can be shared with individuals wanting to learn more about the RPG program to provide an at-a-glance snapshot. Right click and select Save As to download the file: RPG [...]

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Plans of Safe Care Learning Modules

Developed by the National Center on Substance Abuse and Child Welfare (NCSACW), the modules are a five-part series on Plans of Safe Care (POSC) for infants born with and identified as affected by substance abuse or withdrawal symptoms resulting from prenatal drug exposure, fetal alcohol spectrum disorder (FASD), or their affected family or [...]

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