National Quality Improvement Center  for Collaborative Community Court Teams

Funded By: Administration on Children, Youth and Families – Children’s Bureau

Resource Title and Link Description
SAFE CARE Program Flyer Final One Page Program Description
SAFE CARE Plan of Safe Care PoSC Form used with SAFE CARE Clients
SAFE CARE Medical Core MDT Team PPT Feb 2020 PPT presentation for SAFE CARE MDT
SAFE CARE Fast Facts March 2020 Example of FAST FACT report monthly
SAFE CARE PPT Program Overview Overview program presentation
SAFE CARE Client Quotes Scanned hand-written notes from clients
ALABAMA DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC HEALTH 2018 INFANT MORTALITY RATE ADPH Infant Mortality PR noting opioid impact Postpartum Health SBIRT Education and Reimbursement Sigma Reduction Toolkit Opioid Use During Pregnancy Alabama Chemical Endangerment Law Alabama Governor Opioid Taskforce