National Quality Improvement Center  for Collaborative Community Court Teams

Funded By: Administration on Children, Youth and Families – Children’s Bureau

Plan of Safe Care Prompts: Brief list of questions to assist community providers in completing a POSC

Multi-System Consent for Release of Information (Fairfield County Perinatal Services Council): Release of Information Form for the Perinatal Services Council, which allows for cross-system collaboration and communication across agencies

Perinatal Cluster Referral (Fairfield County Perinatal Services Council): Referral form that is presented and reviewed at Perinatal Services Council meetings for new cases

Plan of Safe Care Resource Guide: List of all resources for families affected by substance use disorders in the Fairfield County community to help community providers make referrals and connect families to services

Plan of Safe Care Process Chart: Flowchart of the POSC Model in Fairfield County, which include when a POSC is created, the agency responsible, and the necessary communication between providers

Plan of Safe Care Brochure: Brochure for community service providers that explains the POSC process in Fairfield County

Plan of Safe Care Template: Template to complete the Plan of Safe Care