Thursday, August 13, 2015 | 11-12:00 PM PT (12 PM MT, 1 PM CT, 2 PM ET)

Presenters: Tarah Garcia, John Dantzler, Hon. William Owens, Penny Clodfelter, Joni Strange, Jill Murphy

Family Drug Courts (FDCs) are a growing response to the problem of families affected by parental substance abuse and child maltreatment. With over 360 FDCs now in operation across the nation, FDC outcomes have shown significantly higher rates of parents’ participation in substance use disorder treatment, longer stays in treatment, higher rates of family reunification, less time for children in foster care and decreased incidence of repeat maltreatment and return to out-of-home care compared to the non-family drug court participants (Marlowe & Carey, 2012).

Through the FDC Peer Learning Court (PLC) Program, Children and Family Futures has identified FDC best practice models by creating nine mentorship sites across the nation that further the exchange of learning through peer-to-peer technical assistance.

This webinar will utilize a “TED-like Talk” format (10 minute power talk presentations) in which leaders from some of the most effective FDC programs in the nation will highlight an area of policy and practice that is impacting lives of children and families participating in their FDC program.  The talks will cover these important topics:

·         Comparison groups in FDC evaluation

·         Judicial leadership

·         Judicial succession

·         Modeling support as an FDC Team

·         Recovery support

Attendees will listen to their best practice ideas and then have the opportunity to “converse” with presenters by joining virtual break-out sessions immediately after the webinar for further discussion.   Conference call information will be shared during the webinar.  This presentation will also offer a brief overview of the Peer Learning Court Program, including information on how to connect with a PLC site through sharing of resources and/or site visits.