The Leading Change brief series synthesizes the experiences of the six Statewide System Improvement Program (SSIP) awardees (from October 2014 through September 2019) into three briefs, each filled with relevant considerations and challenges for those who want to lead systems change in their states and communities. The first brief provides context of the current state of FTCs in the country, an overview of the SSIP initiative, and opportunities for systems change; the second focuses on state leadership toward change; and the third is focused on leadership and change at the local level.

SSIP demonstrated that systems change can happen from the “top-down” and “ground-up.” Whether change is directed from state agencies or starts from the local grassroots level, leaders at all levels have the opportunity to be catalysts for larger change at multiple levels and across multiple systems. The most powerful and lasting changes occur when state and local leaders, bound by a shared vision, partner and work together in new and supportive ways.

The series of Leading Change briefs includes: