The Family Treatment Court (FTC) Best Practices Standards published by the Center for Children and Family Futures (2019) and the National Association of Drug Court Professionals provide local jurisdictions, states, tribes, and funders with clear practice guidance to improve outcomes for children, parents, and families affected by substance use and co-occurring disorders who are involved in child welfare.

The FTC Standards reflect the rigorous research and rich practice experience from treatments courts, dependency court, child welfare, SUD treatment, mental health treatment, children’s developmental services, and related health, educational, and social services. The eight FTC standards are interdependent and intended to be followed in whole as much as possible. Each Standard includes the following:

Provisions — Clearly written mandates for FTCs designed to be directive and measurable.

Rationale — High-level statements summarizing the applicable research supporting each provision.

Key Considerations — Additional information and considerations to assist in the understanding and implementation of the standard.

References — References are included at the end of each standard for readers who want to know more about particular studies (e.g., sample size, location, population).

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