Teen Matters – Meeting The Needs Of Adolescent Youth


This Café Conversation will highlight the importance of serving adolescent youth in your family treatment court (FTC).  Their development needs and social connections require an approach that emphasizes youth engagement and meaningful relationships with peers and adults.  Special emphasis will focus on building a strong voice and promoting active participation in planning their own lives to ensure that they will be equipped to successfully transition into adulthood and avoid involvement in the juvenile justice system.  Key principles and strategies for prevention, quality substance use disorder (SUD) treatment for adolescents, and recovery support will also be highlighted.

The Learning Academy is offering numerous technical assistance and training resources on this topic.  A pre-recorded video presentation (30 minute duration) will be released in advance of this event with a Team Discussion Guide so FDC practitioners can view and engage in discussion together.  Then join us for this live webinar event on July 30th, which will feature a facilitated discussion with a set of panelists who will share experiences and expertise in serving the needs of adolescent youth affected by substance use disorders and involved in the child welfare and juvenile justice systems.   A Call to Action Guide will be provided to equip attendees with important next steps to translate learning into practice.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Highlight key principles and best practice strategies on engaging and serving adolescent and transitional youth affected by parental SUD
  2. Learn from national and local leaders and teams on how they are successfully serving adolescents and transitional youth
  3. Identify key next steps collaborative teams can take to serve the needs of adolescents and transitional youth
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