Safety Matters- Helping Families Affected by Substance Use Disorders and Domestic Violence from Survivors to Thrivers


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The Live Conversation explored the core principles and offer practical guidance for supporting families affected by domestic violence and substance use disorders.  Addressing these co-occurring issues in an integrated, trauma-informed, and comprehensive manner will ensure that parents can focus on all domains of recovery so their families can thrive.  Attendees learned how family treatment courts and collaborative teams are working together to meet the basic and complex needs of safety, protection, healing and recovery.

On Thursday, September 17, 2020 we facilitated a discussion with the following panelists who shared their experiences and expertise in serving families involved in the child welfare system and who are affected by substance use disorders and domestic violence:

  • Honorable Aurora Martinez-Jones, Associate Court Judge and current Board Member of the National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges (Travis County, Texas)
  • Shellie Taggart, Project Director, Quality Improvement Center on Domestic Violence in Child Welfare, Futures Without Violence (Boston, MA)
  • Kimberly Shapiro, LICSW, Director, Substance Use Unite, Department of Children and Families (Boston, MA)
  • Rhonda Fleming, Director of Education and Outreach at Women’s Center & Shelter of Greater Pittsburgh (Pittsburgh, PA)

The Learning Academy is offering numerous technical assistance and training resources on this topic.  A Resource Guide and Take Action Guide will be provided to equip attendees with resources and important next steps to translate learning into practice.


Learning Objectives:

  1. Highlight key principles and best practice strategies on serving families involved in the child welfare system affected by parental substance use disorder and domestic violence
  2. Learn from national and local leaders and teams on how they are successfully addressing the safety and recovery needs of families affected by substance use disorder and domestic violence
  3. Identify key next steps for teams so they can establish and strengthen partnerships in the community to ensure the safety and recovery needs of families
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