Ready , Set, Go! 5 Key Planning Decisions to Help You Successfully Launch Your Family Drug Court


  • Ready-Set-Go FDC Planning Discussion Guide (.pdf) After viewing the video presentation “Ready-Set-Go!  5 Key Planning Decision Points as You Successfully Launch Your Family Drug Court” use this Discussion Guide to facilitate further conversation within your team.

As the Family Drug Court (FDC) model continues to garner attention nationwide as a promising solution for families involved in the child welfare system and affected by parental substance use, state and local leaders are seeking guidance on how to thoughtfully plan and launch an FDC program in their communities. This Café Conversation will explore essential decision points your Planning Team will encounter to ensure that your FDC is truly a collaborative effort designed to achieve improved outcomes for children and families. Drawing from the experiences of successful FDC leaders and teams and training and technical assistance resources and materials, this Café Conversation will share strategies and lessons for the planning process.

First, a pre-recorded webinar presentation (30 minute duration) will be released approximately two weeks before the live webinar event along with a Team Discussion Guide so FDC practitioners and view and discuss together.

Then, join us on April 5th for a live webinar event which will feature a facilitated discussion between a panel of practitioners who have undergone the planning process and successfully launched an FDC in their respective communities. A Call to Action Guide will also be provided to ensure attendees take important next steps. Regardless of your role or discipline or where you are in the planning and implementation process, these series of learning events and resources will equip your team with the resources and guidance to successfully accomplish your mission and vision for children and families.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Identify key decision and planning points for all Family Drug Courts
  2. Explore the important role of governance structure, leadership, and data during the planning process
  3. Learn from the experiences of FDC teams that have successfully planned and launched a Family Drug Court
Live Cafe Conversations

Learning Opportunities

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