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Understanding Substance Use Disorder Treatment in Your Community

Project: NCSACW This discussion guide is designed to help child welfare and court professionals increase their knowledge and capacity to better meet the needs of families with substance use disorders. It provides an overview of the substance use disorder treatment process as well as discussion questions that professionals can use to begin an ongoing [...]

Family Drug Court Self-Assessment Tool

Family Drug Court Guidelines Self-Assessment Tool evaluates if a community FDC aligns with FDC policy, procedures, and operations. FDC Self-Assessment results are used in discussions and action planning, while recognizing the program’s strengths and area of opportunity. For support in implementing this tool in your community, contact CFF to request technical assistance. [...]

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Collaborative Values Inventory (CVI)

The CVI Tool is a neutral and anonymous questionnaire that assess the prevalence of shared ideas and values across groups of professional disciplines. This 46-item questionnaire identifies underlying issues that might be raised throughout the collaborative’s work. Right-click a file name to download: Collaborative Values Inventory.pdf

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Intro to Cross-System Data Sources in Child Welfare, Alcohol and Other Drug Services, and Courts

This guide describes the primary data-reporting systems used in the child welfare, alcohol and other drug services, and court systems. The document describes 15 data-reporting systems, including 8 child welfare systems, 5 alcohol and other drug service systems, 2 initiatives to implement a national data reporting system in the courts, and 1 enterprise [...]

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