Transitioning to a Family-Centered Approach: Best Practices and Lessons Learned from Three Adult Drug Courts

All collaborative courts are family courts if their clients include parents and children. And if substance use disorders impacts all relationships in the family unit, recovery support must extend beyond the parent to a more family-centered approach. This publication offers judicial leaders and other drug court professionals working in adult drug courts [...]

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FDC National Strategic Plan

The National Strategic Plan for Family Drug Courts outlines a coordinated national strategy to enhance and expand the use of FDCs to reach more children and families. Download

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Guidance to States: Recommendations for Developing Family Drug Court Guidelines (2015 Update)

Guidance to States: Recommendations for Developing Family Drug Court Guidelines provides information on best practices and collaborative principles to develop and sustain Family Drug Courts, and incorporates up-to-date research supporting key strategies. The Guidelines will assist policy makers and practitioners to enhance and expand these programs. Right click and select Save As to download [...]

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Family Drug Court Annotated Bibliography 2016

The FDC Annotated Bibliography includes a thorough list of the most recent research available on the family drug court model, cost savings, evaluation and child welfare outcomes, treatment and child welfare outcomes, innovative approached, and judicial perspectives. Right click and select Save As to download the file: Family Drug Court Annotated [...]

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SSRP Webinar

This presentation highlights the barriers of taking FDCs to scale and the solutions underway at the state level to overcome those barriers. The presentation will also highlight the opportunities of the infusion approach and the strategies undertaken by these state leaders to change the larger child welfare systems. Right-click a file name [...]

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SSRP Early Lessons

This one-pager highlights key successes and early lessons that have emerged in the first two years of planning. Right-click a file name to download: SSPR Flyer with Lessons Learned.pdf

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