RPG Program Summary

The RPG Program Summary is a two-page brief synopsis of the background and history of Regional Partnership Grants. It provides an overview of grantee collaborative partnerships, program strategies and available technical assistance. Grantees can use this document to provide an at-a-glance program overview, including findings from 101 RPG grantees. Right click [...]

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Plans of Safe Care Learning Modules

Developed by the National Center on Substance Abuse and Child Welfare (NCSACW), the modules are a five-part series on Plans of Safe Care (POSC) for infants born with and identified as affected by substance abuse or withdrawal symptoms resulting from prenatal drug exposure, fetal alcohol spectrum disorder (FASD), or their affected family or [...]

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Infants with Prenatal Substance Exposure Initiative Final Report 2016-2018

This final report summarizes the work of Delaware, New York, and Minnesota through the In-Depth Technical Assistance-Infants with Prenatal Substance Exposure (IDTA-IPSE) program. It presents findings, challenges, and barriers sites identified as they assessed changes made toward improving the safety, health, permanency, and well-being of infants affected by prenatal substance exposure, primarily opioids. This [...]

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FDC National Strategic Plan

The National Strategic Plan for Family Drug Courts outlines a coordinated national strategy to enhance and expand the use of FDCs to reach more children and families. Download

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Prevention and Family Recovery Briefs and Case Studies

CFF produced five briefs that highlight cross-cutting PFR lessons that the field can use to replicate effective FDC practices. A companion set of case studies tells a more in-depth story of each grantee’s PFR journey. Children and Family Futures has produced a series of Prevention and Family Recovery (PFR) briefs that highlight cross-cutting [...]

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Children Affected by Methamphetamine Program Report

This report provides data on 12 Family Drug Treatment Courts’ performance measurements to improve safety, well-being, and permanency of children and families affected by parental methamphetamine use. Click to View on the Website (.pdf)

Funding Comprehensive Services for Families with SUDs

This white paper outlines issues that affect how programs provide comprehensive services needed by children and families affected by substance use. Click to View on the Website (.pdf)

Budgeting and Program Sustainability

This page on the National Center on Substance Abuse and Child Welfare website provides resources on budgeting and planning for program sustainability.   Click to View on the Website

Intro to Cross-System Data Sources in Child Welfare, Alcohol and Other Drug Services, and Courts

This guide describes the primary data-reporting systems used in the child welfare, alcohol and other drug services, and court systems. The document describes 15 data-reporting systems, including 8 child welfare systems, 5 alcohol and other drug service systems, 2 initiatives to implement a national data reporting system in the courts, and 1 enterprise [...]

Children Affected by Methamphetamine 2014 Brief

Improving outcomes for families affected by parental substance use disorders and child welfare involvement starts with a cross-systems commitment and coordinated approach to address the multiple and complex needs of parents and children. Through collaborative efforts around the country, evidence is emerging of what families need to succeed in their efforts to reunify with [...]

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