Funding Family-Centered Treatment for Women

Project: NCSACW This companion publication assists treatment providers and state substance use agencies identify and access potential sources of funding. Click to View on the NCSACW Website (.pdf)

Family-Centered Treatment for Women with Substance Use Disorders

Project: NCSACW This publication discusses the role of family in the context of treatment for women with substance use disorders. Click to View on the NCSACW Website (.pdf)

Family Drug Court Training and Technical Assistance Needs Assessment

The purpose of this needs assessment is to identify the training and technical assistance needs of both new and established family drug courts. The Center for Children and Family Futures designed and developed methods to collect and analyze data from multiple sources. A synthesis of the data revealed four priority content areas [...]

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Understanding Substance Use Disorder Treatment in Your Community

Project: NCSACW This discussion guide is designed to help child welfare and court professionals increase their knowledge and capacity to better meet the needs of families with substance use disorders. It provides an overview of the substance use disorder treatment process as well as discussion questions that professionals can use to begin an ongoing [...]

Sacramento County Dependency Drug Court: Year 7 Outcome and Process Evaluation Findings

The focus of this report includes: 1) a description of the program participants; 2) findings regarding treatment engagement, retention and completion; and 3) 12, 18, and 36 month findings regarding child safety and permanency. For this report, the 24 month findings are presented in Appendix A. For a complete description of the DDC model [...]

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Transitioning to a Family-Centered Approach: Best Practices and Lessons Learned from Three Adult Drug Courts

All collaborative courts are family courts if their clients include parents and children. And if substance use disorders impacts all relationships in the family unit, recovery support must extend beyond the parent to a more family-centered approach. This publication offers judicial leaders and other drug court professionals working in adult drug courts [...]

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