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In-Depth Technical Assistance Program Summary

This summary provides an overview of the work of eleven states that have previously received In-Depth Technical Assistance (IDTA) since 2014 or are currently receiving IDTA. The Program Summary highlights state teams’ efforts to identify barriers and challenges in engaging families affected by prenatal substance exposure, and develop state strategies to improve [...]

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Substance-Exposed Infants: A Report on Progress in Practice and Policy Development

Substance-Exposed Infants: A Report on Progress in Practice and Policy Development in States Participating in A Program of In-Depth Technical Assistance September 2014 to September 2016 This report highlights the efforts of five participating in the Substance-Exposed In-Depth Technical Assistance (SEI-IDTA) initiative through the National Center on Substance Abuse and Child Welfare (NCSACW). [...]

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FDC National Strategic Plan

The National Strategic Plan for Family Drug Courts outlines a coordinated national strategy to enhance and expand the use of FDCs to reach more children and families. Download

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Prevention and Family Recovery Briefs and Case Studies

CFF produced five briefs that highlight cross-cutting PFR lessons that the field can use to replicate effective FDC practices. A companion set of case studies tells a more in-depth story of each grantee’s PFR journey. Children and Family Futures has produced a series of Prevention and Family Recovery (PFR) briefs that highlight cross-cutting [...]

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