California Veterans Treatment Court Survey

In August of 2014, the California Veterans Legal Task Force along with Children and Family Futures initiated a survey of Veterans Treatment Courts, under the umbrella of the Governor’s Interagency Council on Veterans. One year later, Children and Family Futures joined the effort. Acting in partnership, we surveyed the 24 VTCs in the state that existed in mid-2015, receiving 20 responses by May 2016. Our primary means of contact with the VTCs was through the VA’s cadre of Veterans Justice Outreach Specialists (VJOs), at least one of which is assigned to each VTC, with whom we communicated via e-mail and phone. We asked that each VTC assign someone to fill out the web enabled survey. Responses to the survey were of varied completeness. We encountered some blank answers to questions, and we received some surveys that were incomplete but which contained enough useful information to include them in the survey.