Date: August 28, 2013
Time: 11:00am – 1:00pm (PST)
Presenters: Honorable Erica Yew, Santa Clara Superior Court, California
 Kyle B.Haskins, 14th Judicial District, Tulsa, OK

The judge serves as a central figure of leadership in the FDC by serving as a team leader in bringing various systems together and overseeing the progress in treatment and recovery of participants in the FDC.  The judge is also in a position to influence related reform efforts and keeping colleagues and the community informed about the FDC.  So what happens when such leaders either transition or rotate out of this position?  This webinar presentation will explore key considerations to effectively plan for judicial succession in the FDC.  The presentation will include perspectives of two judicial officers and an FDC Coordinator who will their share knowledge and their experiences and strategies in how to ensure a smooth transition to the next.

Learning Objectives

  • The importance of succession planning, why it is an overlooked key process, and the cost of ineffectual planning
  • Key strategies and considerations in terms of selection, orientation, training, and development of new judicial bench officers
  • The technical skills and intangibles of being an effective FDC judge, team leader, and champion within the community program