State-Level Policy Advocacy for Children Affected by Parental Substance Use




This advocacy guide:
  • Provides compelling data to demonstrate that alcohol and drug use is a key factor in a high percentage of child welfare involved families
  • Outlines eight barriers to taking substance abuse seriously in the child welfare system
  • Summarizes five levers for advocates aiming at going beyond pilot projects to systems change
  • Highlights policy and practice innovations that advocates can promote


Medicated Assisted Treatment in Drug Courts: Recommended Strategies
This report is designed to help drug court practitioners understand medication assisted treatment (MAT) for opioid addiction and to provide strategies for incorporating MAT into their practice. The report’s information about different MAT models can serve as a resource for courts that currently permit MAT as well as those considering it. Though based on the experience of courts in New York
State, the report’s recommendations are not state specific and can be applied to courts around the country.
System Walkthrough

A System Walkthrough is a proven process designed to assess the effectiveness of the system in achieving its desired results or outcomes, such as family reunification, successful treatment completion, and child safety by ensuring children are living in safe and stable environments. The purpose of a Walkthrough is to provide key stakeholders with the opportunity to understand the system as it currently exists, identify program areas and generate ideas for improving organizational processes.