What You Need to Know About Child Well-Being and Serving Children in FDCs

July 11, 2012
10:00am-12:00pm (PDT)
Phil Breitenbucher
Clare Anderson
Charles Wilson
Jennifer Pabustan-Claar


Family Drug Courts are an excellent venue for ensuring parents and children receive comprehensive assessments and services that address their needs, both individually and as a family unit. Responding to the needs of the child as well as the parent significantly increases the chances of successful reunification, decreases the risk of relapse and recurrence of maltreatment, and can break intergenerational substance use and child maltreatment. Family Drug Courts play a critical role in ensuring not only safety
and permanency, but a chance for these children to develop and even thrive. This workshop will focus on the impact of parental substance use, co-occurring mental health disorders and trauma on child development; the importance of and effective tools and strategies for addressing the needs of both the parent and the child; and, the role of the Family Drug Court team in identifying and meeting these needs.

• Increase the understanding of prenatal and environmental substance abuse on children.
• Increase of understanding of program strategies that are effective in Family Drug Courts.
• Explore the role of Family Drug Court teams in providing comprehensive services to children
and parents.