Early Implementation - Joint Accountability and Shared Outcomes

August 10, 2011
10:00am - 12:00pm (PST)
Sidney L. Gardner, M.P.A.
Sharon Boles, Ph.D.
Phil Breitenbucher, M.S.W.

Jointly developed outcomes guide the work of the FDC collaborative and demonstrate that they have achieved agreement on desired results. Without agreement on shared outcomes, each of the partners is likely to measure its progress as it did prior to the collaboration, based on its own internally defined outcomes. Particular importance needs to be given to the outcomes for the whole family—parents’ recovery as well as safety and permanency of the children to appropriately reflect a family-centered approach in monitoring the effectiveness of the FDC collaborative effort

Joint accountability and shared outcomes developed in a collaborative process guide the work of the partnership by providing a performance and measurement driven framework for working with children and families. Defined performance indicators or benchmarks allow the partnership to measure the impact it is having together in the respective systems. It enlists the commitment of partners to work on achieving comprehensive family outcomes for example both permanency for children and recovery for parents.

This webinar continues the sustainability discussion, focusing on program outcomes.  Lessons learned from a national perspective will be presented. The primary learning objectives are:

  • To review the experiences of numerous FDCs to illuminate the commonly encountered barriers in program evaluation
  • To gain understanding of the key role of data and program outcomes in long-term sustainability
  • To gain familiarity with a multi-level and multi-systemic data tracking system as a tool for long-term sustainability