Voices of Strength

As introductions to the plenary presentations, three parents shared their

personal stories and experiences of hope and healing with our Symposium attendees.


Click here for the Parent Voices of Strength Flyer



Jamie Gomez

Jamie Gomez is a 24 year old mother of three who now sees life differently. She is a graduate of the Orange County Dependency Drug Court where she was educated about a disease called addiction.  When she admitted that her life was unmanage­able, the program helped her reunite with her kids. Through the DDC, she realized she was not alone. Ms. Gomez is looking forward to getting a job and buying a car. For the first time ever she is living with her children in her own apartment.







Lynette Quaid


Lynette Quaid graduated from the Riverside Family Preservation Court in 2009. She contin­ues to be involved with many of the alumni ac­tivities, which helps engage new families and raise funds to support Riverside Center for Change. Ms. Quaid takes an active role in coor­dinating the program’s annual family picnics, monthly alumni meetings and fundraisers. Through her volunteer work with the Riverside Center for Change, she continues to contribute to the program and the clients that it serves.



Emily Ramirez

Emily Ramirez has four children and her sobriety date is February 14, 2010. She graduated from the Orange County Dependency Drug Court and  Prototypes.  Ms. Ramirez fought for her kids and became a responsible mother, balancing her  recovery with a job and her family. She and her kids will soon get their own apartment. Her goal is to finish school and become a parent mentor, so she can inspire women who struggle with domestic violence issues and addiction.