Past Research and Evaluation Projects

Arizona Prevention Resource Center (APRC)

CFF worked with the APRC for the past ten years in the development and analysis of the most comprehensive Statewide inventory of alcohol and drug treatment and prevention funding. This annual inventory has been used to establish a geographic information system and to present annual recommendations that emphasize cost-effective and science-based programs. CFF also worked with the Governor’s office in Arizona to establish an accountability system to collect indicators of AOD programs’ impact.


As part of the AODTI project mentioned above, CFF has worked with Sacramento County to develop a database to quantify and track clients in treatment who have child welfare involvement, and to use that information for policy analysis and program improvement. In addition to the AODTI project, CFF has ongoing contracts with Sacramento to evaluate their Adult Criminal Drug Court and Family/Dependency Drug Court. CFF is responsible for gathering data from the project coordinators, data analysis and program and policy recommendations based upon their findings.

Family Treatment Drug Court

As the subcontractor on the national Family Treatment Drug Court evaluation, CFF was responsible for the development and implementation of the evaluation plan, research design and methodology, supervision of data collection staff at the five sites, data analyses and report writing.

Contra Costa County

CFF served as the evaluators for a residential treatment program serving women and children, funded by California’s Proposition 10 funds in Contra Costa County. CFF has also worked with the Commission on Children and Families to develop indicators of child well-being in the County.


Under the ON TIME project, CFF was responsible for data collection and analysis. The ON TIME clients were evaluated against a comparison group to establish if there were differences in: 1) substance use; 2) treatment compliance; 3) family stability; and, 4) employment participation.

Rancho Santiago Community College District

Offered program evaluation on the High-Risk Drinking Prevention Services to the residents of Orange County.

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, Center for Substance Abuse Treatment

CFF authored a Technical Assistance Publication detailing the program implementation and operation of seven sites around the country with models of integrating substance abuse services and child welfare. These sites included Connecticut, New Jersey, Sacramento, Cuyahoga County, Jacksonville, San Diego and Miami.

The experience of working with Sacramento County on these issues was used as the base for technical assistance requested by CSAT on its Treatment Outcome Performance Partnership Projects (TOPPS I and II). In TOPPS-II CCFF staff led the effort to ensure that indicators related to child welfare status be included in the data set being tested in the 19 TOPPS-II States. These indicators include the child welfare status of children as well as information on child abuse/neglect that leads to termination of parental rights.


Mendocino County Family Dependency Drug Court

CFF conducts evaluation activities for the Mendocino County FDDC, a five year grant funded by Children’s Bureau. The process and outcome study measures the FDDC’s effectiveness in providing intensive case management, substance abuse treatment, parenting education, and reunification support with judicial oversight of specific incentive and sanctions.



Santa Cruz Treatment Alliance for Safe Children 

Santa Cruz expanded their program to provide services to more children and families. CFF provides all evaluation activities including the assessment of the impact of grant-funded services and activities on child and family well-being, tracking performance indicators across time, producing evaluation findings as part of ongoing feedback and documentation and conducting ongoing comparative analyses with data drawn from families who participated in TASC prior to its implementation.


Sonoma Dependency Drug Court

Since March of 2009, CFF has provided evaluation services to Sonoma County's DDC. This small-scale project has been sufficiently staffed by the experienced team at CFF to provide the county with specific performance measures to be collected by the county and analyzed by CFF.  CFF is also working with county staff to conduct a cost benefit study of the DDC program. 


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