Evaluation Related TTA

As the requirement for performance measurement spreads to national discretionary grant programs funded by Federal agencies and private foundations, CFF has increasingly provided evaluation technical assistance (TA) and training on evaluation methods, data collection, program and policy implementation, and program design. The evaluation related TTA has focused on early childhood development (including cognitive and school readiness), child and family services, community development, health issues, educational services, and cultural competence in the full spectrum of human services.

Although TTA are often embedded in program evaluations, CFF also has experience with projects that focus solely on building program evaluation capacity through three basic TTA modalities. The first modality is direct on-site TTA customized to meet the specific needs of an agency or program. The second TTA modality is tailored to program-specific needs and is delivered through teleconferencing, e-mail, or written correspondence. This modality is not as direct as on-site assistance but still is responsive to the specialized needs of an individual project or agency. The third TTA modality is exemplified by general training for groups through conference presentations, workshops, web-based training materials, webinars and conference calls with clusters of projects. These generalized trainings are geared towards larger groups, such as agency staff that monitor grantees or attendees of professional conferences.