Conference Agenda

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The workshops included 72 sessions with opportunities to hear from practitioners, policy makers and researchers from across the nation on a variety of topics as they shared their experience and knowledge with conference attendees.

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Thursday 11:00 am - 12:30 pm

Workshop Session A

A-1 Mini Plenary: Ask the Experts: A Conversation with National Leaders
  Child Welfare:  
  Betsy Dunn State of Tennessee Department of Children Services Organization
  Tyrone Richardson NJ Department of Children and Families
  Christine Scalise NJ Department of Human Services
  Nick Taylor Taylor Behavioral Health
  Law Enforcement:  
  Mitch Brown DEC Training and Advocacy Center
  Hon. Stan Carmical Robeson County, Family Treatment Court
  Chris Corken Dubuque County Attorney's Office
  Hillary Kambour Florida Statewide Office of the Guardian ad Liteum Program
  John Passalacqua The Law Offices of John P. Passalacqua
A-2 Strengthening Bridges to Improve Outcomes for Families and Children Affected by Substance Use Disorders
  Sharon Boles Children and Family Futures
  Ken DeCerchio Children and Family Futures
A-3 Identifying Drug Endangered Children: A Collaborative Approach
  Lori Moriarty National Alliance for Drug Endangered Children
A-4 An In-Depth Look at "The Collaborative Practice Model for Family Recovery, Safety, and Stability"- PPT and other handouts
  Cathleen Otero National Center on Substance Abuse and Child Welfare
A-5 Why School Attendance Matters for Child Welfare
  Hedy Chang Attendance Works
  Sid Gardner Children and Family Futures
  Sue Fothergill The Baltimore Student Attendance Campaign
  Lynn Mumma Baltimore City Department of Social Services
A-6 Mental Health Disorders in School Age Children
  Erin Telford Children's Research Triangle
A-7 Substance-Exposed Newborns, Mothers and Child Welfare: Collaborative Strategies in Response to CAPTA
  Celeste Smith Mercy St. Vincent Medical Center
A-8 Importance of Women's Treatment Standards in an Age of Health Care Reform
  Barbara J. Brooks Illinois Department of Human Services
  Maria Morris-Groves New York State Office of Alcohol and Substance Abuse Services
  Christine K. Scalise New Jersey Department of Human Services
A-9 MDFT-Engaging Moms Program for Dependency Court: Serving “The Best Interests of the Child” by Improving Maternal & Family Functioning
  Hon. Jeri B. Cohen State of Florida Eleventh Judicial Circuit Juvenile Dependency Division
A-10 Substance Abuse and PTSD in Military Families: Implications for Child Welfare Policies and Practices
  Brian L. Meyer H.H. McGuire Veterans Administration Medical Center
A-11 Understanding Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) for Families Affected by Parental Substance Use Disorders
  Jason Fields Drug Abuse Comprehensive Coordinating Office
  Linda Mann Drug Abuse Comprehensive Coordinating Office
A-12 Family-Based Recovery: A Home-based Treatment for Families Affected by Parental Substance Abuse
  Karen E. Hanson Yale University School of Medicine
  Jeffrey Vanderploeg Connecticut Center for Effective Practice
A-13 Therapeutic Child Care Aid to Family Recovery in Georgia
  Sarah S. Dailey Georgia Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Disability, Office of Addictive Disease
A-14 A Child Developmental Perspective on Family Treatment Drug Court Outcomes
  Jean Twomey Brown Center for the Study of Children at Risk, Brown Alpert Medical School
A-15 Family Engagement and Community Collaboration in Substance Abuse Treatment and Child Welfare
  Kim Bishop-Stevens Massachusetts Dept of Children and Families
  Margaret T. Lee Brandeis University
  Terri H. Bogage Institute for Health and Recovery


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Thursday 2:00 pm - 3:30 pm

Workshop Session B

B-1 Mini Plenary: The Future of Policy and Practice for Substance-Exposed Infants and Children
  Ira Chasnoff Children's Research Triangle
  Sid Gardner Children and Family Futures
B-2 Recovery Engagement: It is all in the Proposal
  Tianna Roye Bridges, Inc.
B-3 Prescription Drug Abuse: Trends, Consequences and the National Prevention Plan
  Steve Freng NW High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area
  Regina M. LaBelle Office of National Drug Control Policy
B-4 Cross Cultural Skills and Tools for Serving Tribal Families with Substance Abuse Issues
  Paulette Running Wolf Children and Family Futures
B-5 Rethinking Teen Truancy: Community Collaboration and Systems Change as Strategy to Improve Attendance
  Michael S. Kadish Kentucky River Community Care, Inc.
  Elizabeth Owens Taylor Owens Consulting
B-6 Rock, Paper, Scissors: Choosing the Appropriate Intervention for Substance Abuse - PowerPoint Presentation Not Available
  Peggy Scheuermann Florida Department of Health
B-7 Bringing Systems Together to Promote Family Recovery
  Linda Carpenter Children and Family Futures, National Center on Substance Abuse and Child Welfare
  Christine S. Kiesel New York State Child Welfare Court Improvement Project
  Robert M. Long Kennebec Behavioral Health
  Cathleen Otero Children and Family Futures, National Center on Substance Abuse and Child Welfare
B-8 Engaging Fathers in Family Drug Court: The Importance of Gender Specific Programming
  Hon. Karen S. Adam Pima County Juvenile Court Center
  Chris Swenson-Smith Pima County Juvenile Court Center
B-9 Trauma-Informed Substance Abuse Treatment: Impact on Women and Their Children
  Merith Cosden University of California, Santa Barbara
  Laurie Haro County of Santa Barbara Social Services
  Devin Drake County of Santa Barbara Social Services
  Jennifer Hughes University of California, Santa Barbara
B-10 Healing Families Through the Family Drug Court Model: The El Paso County Family Treatment Drug Court – a Model Program
  Julia L. Roguski Child Protection Services, Savio House
  Shirley Rhodus El Paso County Department of Human Services
B-11 Preserving and Reunifying Families Through Collaborative Practice
  Pam Bergreen Jackson County Child Welfare
  Francine Feinberg Meta House
  Hon. Patricia Crain Jackson County Circuit Court
  Rita Sullivan OnTrack
B-12 Evidence Based Family Treatment Services
  Jeanie Ahearn Greene Ahearn Greene Associates
  Rosemary Tisch Prevention Partnership International
  Steve Hornberger iCelebrating Families!
B-13 Collaborative Early Intervention with the Drug Endangered Child
  Cheryl Goldberg-Diaz Desert/Mountain SELPA Children's Center
  Jenae Tucker-Holtz Desert/Mountain SELPA Children's Center
  Steve Hornberger iCelebrating Families!
B-14 Enmeshed or Engaged? Program Evaluation Strategies in Cross-System Programs
  Ruth Huebner Kentucky Dept of Community Based Services
  Robert Walker University of Kentucky Center on Drug and Alcohol Research


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Thursday 4:00 pm - 5:30 pm

Workshop Session C

C-1 Interventions for Adolescents in the Child Welfare System Who are Court Involved
  Randolph D. Muck Advocates for Youth and Family Behavioral Health Treatment
C-2 Parity and the Affordable Care Act: What Are The Effects on Treatment for Child Welfare Families?
  Suzanne Fields Technical Assistance Collaborative
C-3 Innovative Approaches to Building Capacity for State Drug Endangered Children Efforts
  Justin Mazzeo Texas Alliance for Drug Endangered Children
  Rebecca Swift Iowa Office of Drug Control Policy
C-4 From Abstinence to Recovery: The Transformation of the Travis County Family Drug Treatment Court
  Michelle Kimbrough Travis County Family Drug Treatment Court
  Charles N. Roper Travis County, Texas
  Laura Peveto Travis County Health and Human Services
C-5 The Complex Child: Trauma-Informed Assessment and Treatment Considerations
  Amy Groessl Children's Research Triangle
C-6 The Management of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder in Children Prenatally Exposed to Drugs and Alcohol
  Gwendolyn Messer Children's Research Triangle
C-7 Meet the Parents - PowerPoint Presentation Not Available
  Dinah Adames Women on the Rise Telling HerStory
  Sabra Jackson Child Welfare Organization Project
  Tajuan McCarty The Wellhouse, Inc.
  Mary Barr Conextions, Inc.
  Emma Ketteringham National Advocates for Pregnant Women
C-8 Maximizing Outcomes for Pregnant Women on Medication Assisted Therapy
  Robyn R. Fox Community Health Center
  Maureen Keating Community Health Center
C-9 Substance Abuse and Child Welfare: Planning, Implementing and Sustaining a Processs for Universal Substance Abuse Screening and Assessment
  Robert Long Kennebec Behavioral Health
C-10 Substance Abuse Treatment for Children and Spouses of Veterans of Multiple Deployments
  Alicen McGowan Adcare Hospital
C-11 Denver EFFECT: Entire Family Focused Effective Comprehensive Treatment
  Lynne Ford Denver Department of Human Services
  Nachshon Zohari Denver Department of Human Services
  Gretchen Read Denver Department of Human Services
C-12 Breaking Through Barriers Between Law Enforcement, Child Welfare and Treatment: Connecticut's Collaborative Response to Children and Families - PowerPoint Presentation Not Available
  Maria H. Brereton State of Connecticut, Department of Children and Families
  Karen C. Ohrenberger Dept. of Mental Health and Addiction Services
  Sara Wilhelm State of Connecticut, Department of Children and Families
  Marilou T. Giovannucci Connecticut Judicial Branch
  Peter Panzarella State of Connecticut, Department of Children and Families
C-13 Paving the Road to Recovery: New Jersey's Integration of Child Welfare and Substance Abuse Services
  Tyrone Richardson New Jersey Dept of Children and Families, Division of Youth and Family Services
  Christine Scalise New Jersey Dept of Human Services
  Dorian Traube University of Southern California School of Social Work
C-14 Strengthening Families Program for Family Reunification
  Jody Brook University of Kansas School of Social Welfare
  Megan Hosterman KVC Behavioral Healthcare
C-15 An Interactive Discussion Session on Developing Family Drug Court Guidelines
  Phil Breitenbucher Children and Family Futures
  Hon. Nicolette Pach Children and Family Futures

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Friday 10:00 am - 11:15 am

Workshop Session D

D-1 Mini Plenary: Helping Men Recover: A New Framework for Men's Treatment
  Dan Griffin Griffin Recovery Enterprises
D-2 When Our Bridges Don't Connect: Core Concepts for Understanding How Culture and Context Affect Clinical Intervention - PowerPoint Presentation Not Available
  Chandra Ghosh Ippen Child Trauma Research Program, University of California San Francisco
D-3 Practice Implications and Potential Pitfalls: What you REALLY Need to Know About Drug Testing
  Nancy Hansen Children and Family Futures
  Charles P. LoDico Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration
  Ronald R. Rlegel Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration
  Kathryn Thompson Parents and Children Together
D-4 Evaluating Family Drug Courts: Documenting Outcomes and Cost Offsets
  Sharon Boles Children and Family Futures
  Sid Gardner Children and Family Futures
D-5 Policy, Legislation, Funding and Service Solutions for Multi-System Involved Families: Children of the Incarcerated
  Miriam L. Bearse NRC4Tribes
D-6 Empowering Youth and Strengthening Families to Break the Cycle of Addiction
  Adrienne Cenci GLAD House
  Elissa Pogue Drop-In Center, Assistance for Substance Abuse Prevention Center
D-7 "Moms in the Hood": Supporting Recovery Through Collaboration and Community
  Debra T. Bercuvitz FRESH Start
  Tina Rodriguez FRESH Start
D-8 One Community’s Innovative Approach to Promoting Healthy Families, Public Safety, and Cost Savings
  Steve Addison Denver Police Department
  Lilas Rajaee-Moore Treatment Accountability for Safer Communities
  Christina Little Kempe Center, University of Colorado
D-9 Discussing the Constitutionality of State Endangerment Statutes
  Stephen L. Nelson Salt Lake County District Attorney's Office
D-10 Comprehensive Reentry for Mothers
  Kathryn Icenhower SHIELDS for Families
  Malika Saada Saar Rebecca Project for Human Rights
D-11 "Yeah, But Never Around My Kids": Substance Abuse Case Management in Child Welfare
  Nick Taylor Taylor Behavioral Health
D-12 Connecticut's Recovery Specialist Voluntary Program (RSVP)
  Thomas DeMatteo Connecticut Dept of Children and Families
  Jane Ungemack University of Connecticut Health Center
  Holly Hassett Advanced Behavorial Health
D-13 DEC: Addressing the Needs of the Children
  Kiti Freier Randall Consultant
D-14 Collaboration in Rural Communities: An Open and Interactive Discussion on Practical Lessons
  Gary Carson Retired Law Enforcement Officer
  Nicola Erb Rural Law Enforcement Initiative
  Kimberly J. Dalferes Dalferes Enterprises
  Loretta Wyrick Severin Kansas Alliance DEC

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Friday 1:15 pm - 2:00 pm

Briefings Session E

E-1 Family-Based Prisoner Substance Abuse Treatment Program
  Rebecca Dobles Greater Nashua Council on Alcoholism, Keystone Hall
  Annette Escalante Greater Nashua Council on Alcoholism, Keystone Hall
E-2 Services and Tools to Enhance Your Juvenile Drug Court
  Iris A. Key National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges
  Jessica M. Pearce National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges
E-3 Integrating Substance Abuse Screening Into Prenatal Practice: A Collaborative Model
  Susan C. Whalen Maternal Child and Adolescent Health Bureau, Solano County, California
E-4 Prenatal Substance Abuse Services and Birth Outcomes
  Robert Walker University of Kentucky
E-5 Pilot Study: Court Ordered First Time Offender Marijuana Class
  Pat A. Nation Tennessee Bureau of Investigations
E-6 From Surviving to Thriving: The Salience of Trauma among African American Women Navigating Substance Abuse and Child Protection
  Joan Blakey University of Texas, Arlington
E-7 Claiming a Future: Dealing with the Consequences to Children that Result from a Mom's Trauma
  Claudia Decker Operation Prevention Treatment Research
  Kay M. Doughty Operation Prevention Treatment Research
E-8 A Collaborative Approach to Developing a Meaningful Fidelity Scale for the HOMEBUILDERS Model
  Kathryn A. Bowen Centerstone Research Institute
  Edwina Chappell Building Strong Families in Rural Tennessee
E-9 Implementing Evidence Based Practices in Community Settings
  McLean D. Pollock Center for Health Services Research
  Kimberly McCombs-Thornton University of North Carolina
E-10 Community Mobilization: A Successful Model for Ending Drug Abuse Through Collaboration
  Carol Owens National Methamphetamine Center, Washington State Methamphetamine Initiative
E-11 Preliminary Outcomes from the Building Stronger Families Program: Ecological Treatment for Co-Occurring Parental Substance Abuse and Child Maltreatment
  Peter Panzarella Connecticut Dept of Children and Families
  Cindy Schaeffer Family Research Center, Medical University of South Carolina
E-12 Reuniting and Preserving Families: A Focus on Cross Systems Collaboration
  Linda Dyer LA County Department of Public Health, Substance Abuse Prevention and Control
  Jonathan Sydes Department of Children and Family Services, Los Angeles County
  Natalie Manns Department of Public Health
E-13 Building Successful Community Partnerships to Address the Needs of Substance-involved Families
  Wei Li Fang Governor's Institute on Substance Abuse
  Sherri L. Green University of North Carolina
  Rebecca Wells University of North Carolina

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